The Movement

Our Vision

Our vision is that Bath and North East Somerset becomes a Compassionate Community, where people are inspired and supported to look after each other.

Our Mission

Compassionate Community in the BANES areas is a local movement with a mission to encourage and enable individuals, organisations and networks to work together with the shared aim of supporting people in need and building strong local communities.

How We Achieve This

A network of individuals

We are building a network of individuals who want to help their neighbours and their local communities across the BANES area.  This includes the Compassionate Community Emergency Volunteer Response network which developed during COVID-19 lockdown, and now comprises a large number of registered volunteers who have helped their neighbours in many different ways.  

A network of organisations

We are building a network of local organisations who share our common ethos, and who want to use some of their resources to support individuals and build effective local communities.  The organisations join the network through signing the Compassionate Community Charter, which includes a commitment to make a positive change within their organisation.  The organisations include businesses, charities, social services providers, churches, schools and other local associations and groups. 

A network of networks

We bring together existing local networks to find new ways of solving unmet needs in our communities.  These include the networks for food groups, charities, for churches, for students, for businesses, for social services, for health, for the local volunteer bureau, and departments of the local Council.

About Us

We are people who live, volunteer or work in BANES that are passionate about creating a more compassionate society that empowers people to look after each other and their communities. We recognise and value the thousands of professionals and volunteers who already work tirelessly to enrich our area and support those who need it most. 

Our Funders

The Compassionate Community Movement has received generous funding from the organisations below. We're extremely grateful for all the support we've received, as we wouldn't be able to grow the movement without them.


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