Compassionate Community Initiatives

Compassionate Community has developed multiple projects, supporting the BANES community and enabling neighbours to help each out. The most well known of these is the Emergency Volunteer Response program, designed to address the COVID-19 crisis in BANES, but we're expanding our activities to address other community needs too:

COVID Shopper

As long as the need continues, we'll continue to operate this program to help people sheltering in place with groceries, pharmacy pick-ups, wellness, health advice and just a person to talk to. Click here if you want to learn more about our Emergency Volunteering program.

Local Food

Click here to find local businesses which have adapted to the Covid-19 pandemic to provide food delivery, hot meals and takeaway services to Bath and North East Somerset residents


Community Connectors provide a bridge between local people and available services. We're providing simple training to educate the local community on services available in B&NES. Click here if you learn about becoming a Community Connector.

CCWellnessPack - 1.png

We can deliver to your door a bi-monthly wellbeing pack, either for yourself or on behalf of someone that you know would benefit from receiving a pack.  Click to learn more about our Wellbeing Pack Delivery Services for residents of BANES.


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