Volunteer Spotlight

"The level of gratitude we got from the two people we were shopping for was definitely a stand-out moment for me."

Please tell us a bit about yourself? (Where you live or are from, Job, Hobbies etc)

I have lived in California for most of the last 25 years but moved home to the UK in late 2019. I spent 18 months in Bath,  living close to Henrietta Park, but moved to Winchester recently (but Miles gave me permission to stay on).

How and why did you start supporting with the COVID-19 pandemic?

My wife, Sue, signed up to shop for those isolating as soon as 3SG/CC put the original call-for-help out...and we both shopped for a couple of people down the road from us while lock-downs continued. Sue later forwarded me the weekly email newsletter, that had a request for help with the Compassionate Community web site...and I reached out to Miles to see if I could help. He foolishly agreed to let me help.

How did you get involved with Compassionate Community and do you carry out any other volunteering?

I don't do a lot of other volunteering...I know I should, but I'm a bit lazy.  😉

What have you learnt from your experiences?

I've learned that it feels good to help out. My wife has always volunteered more than me (she's a much nicer person all round). 

However, the biggest realization for me is that you don't have to be on the "front-line" to help out - there are lots of administrative, marketing and technical roles that need to be filled - there's a way for every kind of person make the community better.

Have there been any stand alone moments or stories that you'd be willing to share since you started volunteering?

It has been great to see the community pull together to help but the level of gratitude we got from the two people we were shopping for was definitely a stand-out moment for me.

Above all though, I have learned that once Miles has fallen in love with a graphics tool like Canva, to prepare social media materials, he will relentlessly chip away at you to start using it too. It'll be his usual good-natured, low-key approach but he won't stop until you love it too. Is this endearing?...I haven't decided yet.  😃

What food & drink could you not live without?

Marmite. You either love it or you hate it. I love it.