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One of the key ideas behind our movement is not just to involve individuals in building a Compassionate Community, but to bring together charities, schools, companies and other organisations in order to utilise their resources to support the community. A great example of this is the work done over Christmas, where we worked with local schools to produce Christmas Cards and the Sewing Collective made Christmas decorations for people who contributed to the "Compassion at Christmas" campaign in other ways.

If you'd like to get your organization involved, check out the link to the charter below to see what we expect of our partners. We're really just getting started, so hope you'll join the movement.

Read the's very short and in plain English.

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Recent Activities

Compassion at Christmas

Coming at the end of 2020, amid the continued misery of COVID-19, we wanted to try to bring a little comfort into the lives of people who were locked down alone and unable to enjoy the holiday as they might otherwise.

We worked with schools to have their kids make Greetings Cards that were mailed out in time for Christmas and we had volunteers making phone calls on Christmas Day itself, ensuring that anyone highlighted would not be totally alone for this special day.

To promote the campaign, we generated a poster for kids to colour in and pin in theior windows and were joined by several churches in the BANES area, who distributed customized versions of the poster for their congregations.

All our volunteers were rewarded with a handmade Christmas Decoration courtesy of the "Sewing Collective".

Click below to see more details of the programme.

COVID-19 Emergency Response

At the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, Compassionate Community BANES, and our parent organisation 3SG, had just been launched into the community.

Just a few days after the first lockdown began, we had a database of thousands of volunteers up and running and had had them shopping for residents who were forced to shield, and therefore couldn't go shopping themselves, couldn't pick up their own prescriptions, couldn't function the way they weere used to.

Recognised by Wera Hobhouse in the House of Commons: "The most difficult times often demonstrate the power of people coming together".

The speed with which BANES residents signed up to help is a testament to the compassion that already exists in all our hearts.

Click below top watch a short video about this inspiring community effort.

Wellness Package Production

With many people stuck at home in 2020, we developed a program to provide wellness tips and resources to maintain your mental and physical wellbeing through the difficult times presented by COVID-19.

We all know people who, for a variety of different reasons, struggle to access information online or simply prefer a paper copy.  If that sounds like you, or you know someone who would benefit from these kinds of resources, we can deliver a bi-monthly wellbeing pack right to your/their door  (though please confirm with individual before requesting).

Alternatively, if you're more comfortable online, we have an archive of all the packs delivered so far and a handful of other online resources that you can browse.