Opportunities to help make BANES a more Compassionate Community

If you want to join our effort to bring more compassion to our community, we've got opportunities that match any profile - from volunteering, if you have the time to give, or simply learning about the resources offered in BANES, so you can educate your friends and family of what is available throughout the region.

Ways You Can Help Your Community

Volunteer With Us

As long as the need continues, we'll continue to operate our COVID-19 program to help people in need access groceries, pharmacy pick-ups, wellbeing packs and information on the local support available. However our movement goes beyond COVID-19 response, as we strive to inspire and spread compassion throughout the community. See how we achieved this in our "Compassion at Christmas" campaign.

Other Volunteering

Visit the Bath and North East Somerset Community Volunteer Service to be connected up with volunteering opportunities available with local organisations and groups. This volunteer brokerage service is the most comprehensive listing of requests for help in the BANES community.


Something everyone can do!

Community Connectors is a program to encourage individuals to connect with those people will meet in our everyday interactions and to be aware of the local resources and activities that surround us. Find out how you can be more connected with your local community across Bath and North East Somerset.

Whatever level of commitment you can give us, we'll appreciate it. The true measure of compassion in a community is the level of participation. Our goal is to make it easy to participate so the movement grows and BANES reaps the benefits.