Are you interested in finding out about what is available in our community?  Would you be keen to pass this information on to people in your workplace, social group, friends, family and neighbours?  That is what a Community Connector does.

Learn about services available near you and become part of a network to promote them

What is a Connector?

There is so much going on in Bath and North East Somerset that can support people with health and well being and many of these things are free or low cost. For example, support groups, services run by local voluntary organisations, peer support groups and free exercise opportunities.


A Connector is someone who uses their local knowledge to support people around them.  It's about getting educated on the many services available in your area, and making others aware of them.  You may not know the person who needs help first-hand, they could be a friend-of-a friend or further removed, but you can still connect them to the help they need.  It’s not a volunteering role, but an attitude to go about your daily life.


You can book onto Community Connector Training below, which is available to anyone living or working in Bath and North East Somerset.

Become a Connector

We've developed a simple training program for people living and working in Bath and North East Somerset. These sessions are just 45 minutes in length and take place online via Zoom. We will carry out in-person sessions once it is safe to do so. Register for online or future in-person training below.

We want people to be more compassionate, connected and community minded. This doesn't mean adding more work to our busy lives, its subtle changes that make more of an impact.

Knowing and sharing whats going on around as in the community and knowing where to look if you want to do or help with something in your community. As well as helping connect our family, friends and neighbours to opportunities that would benefit them.

The more people there are out there that know what support is available, the more we can help each other as a community.

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